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Join Adelaide Gang Show: Technical

"Technical" is behind-the-scenes department. They dress in black, huddle together in the dark, and make a bare stage look amazing! Technical areas welcome people with any level of experience - it's an excellent learning environment.

The Technical department is split up into:

Co-ordinating and operating all the speakers, amplifiers, foldbacks, inputs, outputs, line mics, radio mics, lapel mics, shotgun mics, orchestra mics, and a host of other things to ensure the cast and orchestera can be heard.
Providing the link between front of stage and backstage is the Communications team.  Without them, no department would know what the other was up to !
Costume / Wardrobe
Fitting 135 people with all of their costume requirements for an 18 item variety show is quite a big job, but our wardrobe team carry it out expertly and with spectacular results ! 
Without electricity a theatre tends to get very dark all of a sudden.  Electrical make sure that everyone who needs electricity for whatever purpose gets it.  Only qualified electricians may apply for this position.
When miners need shovels, the detectives need magnifying glasses, the king needs a crown, or the pirate needs a parrot, the Hand Props team provides. The team sources or makes everything that's needed for the show, and then coordinates getting it on and off stage at the right time.
Lighting Effects
The Lighting Team would have you believe "it's all done with mirrors and string", but they actually use a full theatre lighting setup to set moods, times of day and general ambience as well as spotlights and intelligent lighting effects.
Loft are the ones operating the fly-gallery, and are responsible for changing large scenes in a matter of seconds. Life up in the loft is a little different, because you're always looking at the top of peoples' heads, although it's quite fast paced and very skilful work.
Make Up
Makeup deal with all the beards, moustaches, wigs, wrinkles, clown faces, hairdo's, and other appearance-altering effects in the show, and sometimes throw in a tattoo or two here or there... 
Scenic Art
This is the team responsible for turning sheets of plywood into train stations, football stadiums, pigs, trees, rocks, city streets, and any other backdrop that a stage item calls for.
Special Effects
Happily providing our show with things that flash, explode, fizz, smoke, bubble, whizz around, jump, wiggle, or otherwise act in an out of the ordinary manner.
Stage work closely with Scenic Art during the workshop period to build the variety of magnificent sets required for each year's show, and then during the show they do all of the moving of heavy objects when the curtain goes down.


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