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Join Adelaide Gang Show: Administration

All of the people who deal with the more people-managerial sections of the show are in the Administration Department, although as can be seen from the list below, that covers far more than just filling out paperwork and making phone calls !

The people in this team deal with all sorts of support roles, including getting the scripts organised for the 135-strong cast at the beginning of the rehearsal period, as well as chasing up copyright requirements, getting the newsletters distributed, making sure that the right people are getting the right information, and so on.
The Catering team make sure the entire Gang have all the sustenance they need to get through each rehearsal and show. They organise the main meals for all-day and all-weekend rehearsals, as well as snacks and beverages for break times.
Front of House
Front of House are responsible for managing the entrance to the theatre. This includes preparation of the promotional displays and, of course, helping people find their seats.
From time to time we receive VIP's and special visitors, and it's surprising how many there are ! The Hospitality Team looks after our special guests and ensures they have an enjoyable evening. 
Personnel keep tabs on all the movement of people going on around the theatre and the rehearsal venues. If you need to find any member of the Gang at any given point, chances are that Personnel will know where they are. During theatre season they also oversee first aid and some security duties.
Getting the exciting news about our show out to the general public is what publicity is all about. Being a member of the publicity team involves a wide variety of responsibilities, including preparation of posters, flyers, newspapers, radio ads, television presentations, maintaining our website, and any thinking of other way we can tell everyone what's going on!
Ticket Sales
Keeping tabs on how many people are in the theatre for any one show is a big responsibility of ticket sales, as well as getting the right people along on the right night.
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